I am a marfans patient i have had previous

Patient: I am a marfans patient. i have had previous tia’s. i had another tia may 4, i am having episodes of sharp pain in my left arm, minor shortness of breath and some chest pain. I have a flushing feeling from base of neck to top of head. weakness on left side white flashes in my eyes at times of incident. i have had ct and mri done but no new damage shown on brain. had echo done of abdominal and heart no new aneurysms. my good cholesterol is good and my triglycerides 1888 my inr is 3.2 Do you have any idea what it could be, also have clear corotids.

Doctor: Hi.Read and understood your problem of Marfan’s, TIAs, have episodes of sharp pains in left arm, shortness of breath, chest pain, weakness on left side, white flashes in eyes at the times of incidence. Investigations do not show any new development over the old findings. Have clear carotids. Wants to know the reason.As you may know, There is affection of the connective tissues in Marfan’s syndrome, the affection of hte small blood vessels can lead to the symptoms you have and the changes may be so small that they can cause the symptoms but small changes may not be picked up by the conventional imaging techniques all the times.Marfan’s can affect the muscles and the tissues containing the connective tissues all over the body hence it will be difficult to pin point the area of affection.Hence I would advise you to review/ repeat the investigations particularly the MRI angiography of the neck and the brain, Clinical evaluation by your treating Doctor is the most important and should be correlated with the findings of the investigations.You can also take an opinion of an Ophthalmologist for the changes in the eyes.I hope this answer helps you to get started all over again to find the cause.Please feel free to ask for relevant queries or if you feel that there is a gap of communication.