I am a teenager and scared

Patient: Can I be or get pregnant if me and my guy friend had unprotected sex and he said he for sure came inside me and I am only 15 and he also pop my cherry that same day. And I didn’t use or take a shower that same night it happen and there was at least 4 hours after the sex than I went and used the restroom. And my period is a only 5-7 days long and and the day I had sex was the week before or the week my period usually happens also when I found out he pop my cherry there was a little blood and brown/red discharge. Very light and my mom had me at 14 or 15. Can this mean I might get pregnant as easily as she did. also after the sex and discharges this is day 3 and today I bleed a little but usually I flow ALOT can this be my period or my private place just bleeding from the sex and popping of my cherry

Symptoms: Brown/red discharge