I am a transgender woman who wants a more feminine

Patient: I am a transgender woman who wants a more feminine figure but no surgeries yet.My main question is, would the same exercises females use to enhance their buttocks work on a biological male? and achieve the same feminine result?The reason i ask is because i don’t want to work out to enhance my figure and end up worse than when i started.

Symptoms: None

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The female gender has hormones mainly estrogen and progesterone.Estrogen is the main fe male hormone, that helps in fat accumulation in feminine areas like buttocks, thighs, breasts which gives the female figure a definition. This hormone does not function in male and is not in greater amounts when compared to females. Due to the lack of estrogen, even if you try the same exercises as in females, weight gain over these areas, including buttocks is not possible.Surgery is the best option for a figure correction in your case.Hope this helped.Regards