I am about 4 weeks pregnant and have had a

Patient: I am about 4 weeks pregnant and have had a miscarriage the last time I got pregnant. I am having some cramping that will go from slight to moderate pain that seems to only happen when laying down. I don’t have any spotting or discharge and the pain comes and goes. should I be worried?

Doctor: Hello.Thanks for the query to ATD.The mild pains that you are experiencing in the form of mild cramps in lower abd omen especially on both iliac fossa are likely due to uterosacral relaxation and stretching under the increased progesterone effect following pregnancy and this is considered normal as long as there has been no bleeding or spotting per vaginum.However considering the fact that you had an early first trimester abortion previously it is suggested that you should be placed on progesterone like TAB MICRONISED PROGESTERONE 200mg daily hence to provide luteal support and decrease any chances of any threatened abortion in future.You may discuss the option with your physician and take an informed decision.Wishing you a safe pregnancy.Hope i have answered your query in detail.Regards