I am afraid i had a miscarriage 

Patient: I am afraid i had a miscarriage and i don’t know if I was pregnant or not. I had two days of bleeding clumps and one day of light bleeding but it was brown in color. This whole time my whole body hurts. My back is aching and I’ve have terrible stomach pains. Now today I feel completely malnourished.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query,Before contemplating miscarriage it is important to confirm one. So it is suggested t hat you get a serum beta hCG test done to confirm pregnancy first depending on the raised hCG levels. If positive then you are undergoing a miscarriage and the abdominal aches are due to uterine contractions. It is necessary that you should visit ER and get an ultrasound pelvis done now to firstly confirm or rule out pregnancy and also to look for completion of the procedure if it was a miscarriage.The procedure can be completed with a D&C or even medically under supervision under adequate pain relief.Regards