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I am allergic to orange soda

Patient: Hi, ima 24 year old female. All my life i have not had any issues with drinking orange soda or orange flavored drinks until recently last year november 2013. i first noticed my reaction to orange fanta while at the movie theatre. after drinking the orange fanta it made my stomach so upset that i barely made it to the bathroom to vomit. after that i had orange fanta again a few weeks after and the same thing happend. i threw up badly. and it is not just the Fanta brand of soda it is also Sunkist orange soda that make me vomit aswell. it give me really bad stomach aches. and recently i have noticed that anything orange makes me sick PERIOD. im sad now because orange used to be my favorite flavor with everything, im curious to know what has caused this sudden allergy and what i can do to help this. because i really would like to drink orange soda again. thanks 🙂



Symptoms: upset stomach



Doctor: Many orange drinks (like Fanta) available in the US, contain synthetic dyes like Red 40 and Yellow 6. Although, these ar e permitted by FDA for commercial use, people continue to develop sensitivity to them. In Europe however, Pumpkin and Carrot extracts are used instead of synthetic colors as coloring agents in these drinks. Now that you know about your sensitivity, you should avoid food items or drinks that contain these synthetic dyes. You should read the product label carefully before consuming. There are many orange drinks available with natural extracts and natural coloring agents as mentioned above. You could enjoy them and be safe.

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Patient: Very helpful! thank you so much 🙂


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