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I am an alcoholic I was starting to experience issues

Patient: I am an alcoholic. I was starting to experience issues with my legs and limbs (which i understand is caused by alcohol use overtime). The last few weeks i switched to only red wine and starting taking tumeric. I am getting better and I am now decreasing the amount of wine too so that I can stop completely. I obviously know I need to abstain completely but I was worried about detoxing and can’t afford medical care. My hands are shaky and i am super hot. the problems with the numbness in my joints/legs is still there. I think i am detoxing (which i can deal with the symptoms as i am slowly decreasing my alcohol use) but my concern is i don’t know how i would be able to tell the difference between detoxing and signs of something really bad (liver failure, blood clot, or something that could just suddenly kill me that i would need to call 911 for. basically what should i be on the look out for that would be a sudden death type situation? .



Symptoms: Shaking hands, numbness in legs, sweating



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion.Its heartening to learn that you are determined to leave alcoho l after having been addicted to it for so long. Detox of the body actually keeps happening naturally everyday depending on the body intakes and thats what we call elimination process. However the need for supplements for anti-oxidants exists when abuse intake cannot be limited. However, the symptoms that you are experiencing with weakness limbs, often palpitation, sweating, often dizziness all form a part of alcohol withdrawal syndrome and can be managed symptomatically with increased daily water intake and use of lemon.It is to be learnt that acute liver failure shall occur to those who are addicted and not who intend to reduce their intake as liver continuously regenerates itself unless you have been affected already. The signs you should look for is usually of hypoglycaemia-sweating, palpitations and dizziness which needs to be taken care of, else shaking of hands , weakness limbs and generalized body ache can be managed symptomatically. you may start using TAB SPIRULINA 500mg twice a day for a month. its an anti-oxidant supplement and a good protein source, it should help you further reduce your urge to drink.I hope i have answered your query in detail,Wishing you good health,Regards

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Patient: Thank you very much for the info. That was very helpful! I was hoping to ask a follow-up question. If as i am going through detox due to a decrease in drinking, and think i need to go into a hospital, what (generally speaking of course) would commonly happen? Would they just monitor me or give me medicine?

Patient: Basically is there anything they could really do other than monitoring it the same way I am from home.

Doctor: Hello,
They would do a liver function test and renal function tests along with an USG abdomen and pelvis to check for organomegaly and an EKG to check the condition of heart. Thats the minimum follow up.


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