I am anon-smoker I went to ER for panic attack

Patient: I am anon-smoker. I went to ER for panic attack related symptoms. During chest xray they found a small focal infiltrate which was diagnosed as pneumonia. Doctor said they could barely see it. I suffer from GAD so I have started thinking the worst. Is it possible it could be lung cancer?

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.I can understand the plight you are going through. Since the x-ray showed a small focus o f infiltration, it has to be investigated.It is not common to have lung cancer at your age group and in a female person who is a non-smoker.It is still important to see why is it there .High-resolution CT scan will confirm the diagnosis in most of the cases and FNAC may be needed only in a few percentage of people.So do not worry, get the CT scan done.