I am badly in need of help!!!

Patient: I am rasheda a 17year old female from Bangladesh. 2years ago I had to go to the doctors and they found urine infection and I was treated for that. They prescribed me medicines which was a month long course and i completed it and i was fully okay. But now it has strted again. No matter how much i drink water, down there it burns a lot i feel like i have to piss but when i go to the washroom its nothing. My palms and feet burns a lot too. And to note, i am underweigt and i dont really eat much. Whenever i eat its only plain rice and cooked pulse.i am not sure if lack of nutritions is causing it. But i am having quite a painful time. My tests are going on and every morning i just feel like jumping into a pool and never come out.

Symptoms: Symptoms: vag burning, palm amd foot burning, fever