I am concerned if I’m pregnant

Patient: I want to ask if I’m pregnant I will list my cycle and go into details.Sep13-Oct18Oct19-Nov19Nov20-28 was my last period. And I should be on my period by now but I haven’t gotten it. My ovulation was around Dec11-18 my boyfriend and I had no intercourse but there was fingering and grinding with and without underwear on. He ejaculated on my chest. The fingering had no semen on his fingers either. I am also coughing since Dec15 until now. Today I took a pregnancy test and it was negative yet my period isn’t here. My breath are regularly sore like during a PMS and I had about 3-4 cramps through the past days. One each day. And yesterday, I had a slight brown discharge with a small cramp under my belly button. Am I pregnant?

Symptoms: Coughing, sore breasts (slight), pale yellow discharge(sometime wet not dried) brown discharge yesterday slight cramps