I am constantly thirsty i cant get enough to drink

Patient: I am constantly thirsty i cant get enough to drink and nothing makes the feeling go away i urinate all through the day its urgent and every 20 minutes. can this be a sign of diabetes ??

Doctor: Hello,Welcome to ATD. Thank you for the query.Some of the possible common medical causes of Increased thirst and u rination may include:Diabetes mellitusDiabetes insipidusDiureticsSjogren’s syndromeRenal tubular acidosisSquamous cell carcinoma of lungHypokalemiaPolydipsiaAddison’s diseaseCushing’s syndromeIntestinal obstructionCongestive heart failurePsychogenic polydipsiaInterstitial nephritisCold diuresisInterstitial cystitisCaffeineHyperthyroidismReiter’s syndromeHypercalcemiaGlomerulonephritisConsult a physician, he may order blood and urine tests to help provide a diagnosis. These tests may include:blood glucose testblood count and blood differential testsurinalysis and urine osmolality testsserum calcium, osmolality, and sodium testsDepending on the test results, your doctor may refer you to a specialist.All the best.