I am currently 14 weeks pregnant My concern is that

Patient: I am currently 14 weeks pregnant. My concern is that I’ve had 4 ultrasounds already at 6, 8,10 and 12 weeks. I just found out today that ultrasounds are controversial during pregnancy so am worried that I might have caused harm to the baby. I am considered very low risk so not sure why my doctor gave so many ultrasounds.




Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Ultrasound during any trimester of pregnancy is considered safe. One can do as many s cans during pregnancy if indicated. It does not cause any harm to you or the baby. It does not affect the long term developmental outcome. No authentic study says ultrasound in pregnancy is harmful. Do not worry and get all scans done as recommended by your gynecologist.Hope this helpsRegards

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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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