I am currently on colofac tablets for IBS and I’ve

Patient: I am currently on colofac tablets for IBS and I’ve just took a 4th tablet by accident as forgotten I had taken the one before tea am I safe

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Overdose of Colofac tablet, you have taken 4th dose inadvertently.If your are taking Colofac for a long time, I do not think that you may develop any side effects. But if you are a starter, you should report to ER if particularly you have just taken the 4th dose so that you will be kelp under observation. The tablet may be sucked via gastric lavage.Theoretically CNS excitability may occur in cases of overdose. In cases where mebeverine was taken in overdose, symptoms were either absent or mild and usually rapidly reversible. Observed symptoms of overdose were of a neurological and cardiovascular nature.No specific antidote is known and symptomatic treatment is recommended.Gastric lavage should only be considered in case of multiple intoxication or if discovered within about one hour. Absorption reducing measures are not necessary.I hope this answer helps you.