I am currently pregnant 24-25weeks. whose baby is it?

Patient: I am currently pregnant 24-25weeks I think . My last mentural cycle was around August 28, 2014 . My due date is June 15 , 2015The reason why I’m worried is because I cheated on my boyfriend. I had unprotected sex with a male friend on September 26 , 2014 and again on October 8 , 2014

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.If your concern is regarding the paternity of the child, then considering that your LM P was AUGUST 28TH 2014, your fertile period would have been between 8th September to 18th September, and you had sex with the other guy on 26th September when you should have been menstruating, but you didn’t because you were already pregnant with your boyfriend’s child then.So it is likely that the father is your boyfriend and not the other guy in your life.I hope I have been able to clear your doubts.Regards