I am depressed

Patient: I’m 16 and I feel like iv made a mess of my life I think I’m depressed iv moved out of my mums because she’s bipolar and has some other mental health problems we where always fighting and I couldn’t stay there I’m now living with my dad but I’m not to fond of my step mum she gets involved with thinks that aren’t her businesses I have got in trouble at school I have a boy friend iv had sex iv been worried about being pregnant I just dont no what to do anymore I just want it all to go away for a while

Symptoms: Crying feeling sad want to run away

Doctor: You are mostly suffering from mild depression due to the circumstances around you. You require counseling for that, need not start on medication so soon. Pregnancy can occur if you had unprotected sex, for which a pregnancy test can confirm or rule out pregnancy. Consult a psychiatrist and also a gynecologist for further advise.

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Guest: I think you should stay strong. Focus on school. This is very important for your future in order to have a better life later on and be independent. Use protection.