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I am diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Patient: I am diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and i am using insulin pump for that i go gym regularly and also take pure whey protein after gym.I want to ask that is whey protein is harmfull for me.?



Doctor: Hi.Welcome to Ask the Doctor. Thanks for your query.1. You can take whey protein after your gym, though you are d iabetic. This will not harm you in any way.2. But there are certain things which I wanted to share with you.3. Whey protein is not used if you have any form of kidney or liver disorders.4. While using whey protein, make sure that you have plenty of water approximately 3-4 liters per day.Hope this answers your query.Wish you good health.Take care.



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Patient: Can i take bcaa or creatine in between workout..??
Thank you for your answer:)

Doctor: Hi.
You are always welcome.
Thank you for writing back with an update.
– See dear, I will not recommend you to take creatine in between your work out. I will tell you the reason for this.
– Creatine is a protein, which is naturally found in the body and hence it is not at all necessary to have it from outside. If you have excess of it, then it can damage your liver and kidney.
– It can be used only when you are severely malnourished.
– You can safely use whey protein and do not worry you will get a good muscle mass from the same.:)
Hope this helps.
Best wishes.


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