I am getting a rhinoplasty in 2 days and am

Patient: I am getting a rhinoplasty in 2 days and am extremely nervous about the general anesthesia. Im 19 years old and healthy with no medications/health problems at all yet Im still scared out of my mind. No one in my family has been put under GA before so my biggest fear is not knowing how my body will react to the drugs(allergy, shock, etc), especially when I don’t have someone close to me i look to as a reference point. I do plan on taking more to my surgeon on my pre-op tomorrow but still cant shake this eerie feeling….

Doctor: Hello, Welcome to Ask The Doctor. We are here for your help.You don’t need to worry. Just relax, General anesthesia would be given to you by an expert and you won’t realize any thing.It’s pain less, and chances of complications are minimal, if the anesthesiologist is an expert.You will be under sedation and won’t have any issues.Just relax. Anxiety can increase the blood pressure, that can cause problem in the surgery.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy