I am getting Sore heads during an after excercise also

Patient: I am getting Sore heads during an after excercise also during sex. That bad I have to stop and it persists for the next 3 hours. Throbbing sore heads

Doctor: Thank you for choosing ATD to ask your question.What you are describing seems to be a migraine. Migraines are repeat ed headaches that occur due to dilatation of the blood vessels in the head. A migraine usually occurs in response to a trigger factor. The trigger factor can be anything like the sun, music, cold and even exercise.In your case, I believe exercise or something related to it is the factor. Here are a few things you can do:Drink lots of waterRest wellTake Paracetamol tablet up to 4 times a day when having the headacheSteam inhalationWarm bathAdequate sleepAvoid coffee and teaUse Vicks vaporub while breathing inOne thing you can try is to start your run very slowly. Start with a slow warm up and then build up till you are ready and then go for the fast run. This should prevent the headaches.If the migraine doesn’t go away after 3 days, see a Doctor and get checked up. He may give you stonger medications.Hope this helps you. All the best.