I am getting such bad stomach cramps

Patient: I am getting such bad stomach cramps that come in waves. One minute I’m ok, next its agony. Mainly at night. I am approximately 4 weeks pregnant. Should I be worried?

Doctor: Hello,Welcome to ATD.Thanks for the query. Stomach cramps are normal in pregnancy, they are called Braxton hicks c ontractions which are dull aching mild pains.But if the cramps are severe and get you agonised especially at nights, it surely warrants an early check up, it could be a sign of threatened miscarriage. Do not wait any longer, see your gynecologist immediately. Some medications and an ultrasound to assess the status of pregnancy may be needed. Abortion can be prevented in case the other factors are normal, apart from the uterine contractions. Progesterone support may be needed for few months.Hope this helped.Wish you a safe pregnancy.