I am having fluid coming out of my ears and

Patient: I am having fluid coming out of my ears and crackling noises. I just got over a bad cold and have a lot of ear pressure and am taking steriods to see if that helps. What else could this be?

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Fluid coming out of ears with crackling sounds after a bad attack cold is definitely due to upper respiratory infection going through the Eustachian tunes to the middle ears and the mastoid air cells , thereby taking time to have resolution.Steroids alone will never help.You need to take additional treatment:AntihistaminesNasal decongestants drops.Antibiotics if there is evidence of infection by color, smell and culture report.Bed restAll these factors will help to get a relief.Consult an ENT for better examination, understanding as to what is going on and proper treatment.I hope this helps you to get well soon.