I am having pain in my abdomen that radiates to

Patient: I am having pain in my abdomen that radiates to my chest and shoulders and even down to my legs at times. It comes in spurts and at times is manageable and other times it is intense and nauseating. It has been going on for two days and I do not believe I have a fever though I sweat when the pain intensifies. Is it something I should worry about or just give it another day or so?

Symptoms: Abdominal pain radiating to other parts, nausea, pain with diarrhea as well, sweating, burning sensation in upper abdomen at times, shortness of breath, fatigue

Doctor: Hi.Thank for your query and an elucidate history.Read and understood that you have pain in abdomen which radiated to the chest, shoulders, to legs; fever with sweating.This looks to be a serious problem and can have a surgical cause.I would advise you to go to the ER, get clinical evaluation, investigations of the blood and ultrasonography, X-ray of the abdomen in standing position, CT ans all relevant investigations to find the cause and get treated properly.Tomorrow may be late.