I am having pain, like muscle tightness in my chest

Patient: I am having pain, like muscle tightness in my chest on right side, when iove my shoulder backon the roght sode.i can feel pulling and strain like a have a crick iny chest instead my neck. The pain is constant, i also have sharp pain in my left shoulder blade. The pain in my chest feels deep. It feels like my blood pressure is elevated, but when i check it only the bottom number is, last checked a few minutes ago it was 141/98. What should i do?

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and an elucidate history.First of all remember that you are having Hypertension means hig h BP, if three different readings are high like this, you may need a treatment for elevated Blood pressure.Secondly the pain in the right side of the chest increasing as per your explanation is suggestive myo-fibrositis or a fractured rib.Thirdly the pain in the left should blade can be due top local muscular problem.But it is imperative to have minimum X-ray of all the painful areas.I would advise you the following:Get a clinical evaluation done by a General Surgeon, physical examination and investigations as necessary.A proper diagnosis alone can help to get a proper treatment.Hope this helps you.