I am having troubles after surgery!

Patient: I am 18 years old and roughly a year and a half ago to two years, I had emergency to remove a burst ovarian cyst.They had originally thought I had a burst appendix, so they had removed both the ovarian cyst, and my appendix, but it had turned out there was no problem with my appendix after they had removed it.Since then I have been getting regular ovarian pains, but every now and then I will have a week or two where I don’t have pain, they can occur during sex, sleep, exercise or just sitting around.I have had ultrasounds on my kidneys and my ovaries as well as blood tests and everything has come back normal. My doctor has suggested just to take over the counter pain relief and wait it out. I do not recall having pains before surgery.Do you have any idea what may be causing this pain ?

Symptoms: Ovarian pains

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.The possible causes of your pain are adhesions due to previ ous surgery, pelvic inflammatory disease etc.If you are having white discharge per vagina associated with itching, burning etc, there is possibility of pelvic infection.By general and local examinations the possibility of pelvic infection can be identified.If there are no symptoms of pelvic infection, antispasmodics can give relief from pain as advised by your doctor.If severity of pain increases laparoscopy may needed to find out the cause or to release the adhesions if present.Take care