I am having very painful periods, and it’s starting to

Patient: I am having very painful periods, and it’s starting to affect my daily life. The best way to describe the pain would maybe be a minor contraction. It’s most painful when I try to use the restroom. I’m not constipated, but I have not been able to properly dude the bathroom, because it’s so painful to push. I am not pregnant, I am not on birth control, nor am I sexually active. Should I seek medical attention?

Symptoms: Painful menstrual cycle

Doctor: Hello dear,Thanks for trusting Ate about your health care.I can understand your concerns.At your age this type of menstrual pain can be due to hormonal deficiency ( progesterone) because cycles are usually anovulatory.So you should take healthy and nutritious diet, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, do some yoga and meditation, some exercise, avoid oily and spicy food.Drink a lot of water and take pain killer before your menses.Your problem will solve after marriage or baby.Hope it is useful, feel free to discuss more questions.Good luck.Regards