I am having weird periods and am sexually active.

Patient: I just had my period 12/28-1/1. Had unprotected sex the day it ended and the whole week after. Then started to bleed on 1/9/. I have been having heartburn, headaches and am slightly nauseous at random times. both periods were slightly lighter than usual, but I haven’t gotten any of my normal period symptoms. Could I be pregnant and when should I test ?

Symptoms: Headache, heartburn, slight cramping, bleeding, slightly nauseous

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD,If you have had sex from the end of your periods for a week , then you were ideall y in your safe period and the bleed on your 9th jan day 12 of your cycle may emulate an implantation bleed as you just entered your fertile period in that phase.IT is advisable that you may undertake a serum beta hug test after a week to look for raised levels of hug. If raised then you are pregnant and if less than 1 then pregnancy at least is ruled out and the symptoms can be attributed to gastrointestinal cause itself.Please get the test done.i hope i have answered your query,regards