I am i Pregnant or not

Patient: I took my mirena out dec 9 and started a period dec 11 had sex on the 10 i bled for maybe 2 1/2 weeks now here is the 12 of jan and no period

Symptoms: Snot like discharge and i had a pulling feeling

Doctor: HiThanks for the query.It is very unlikely of a pregnancy if you have had an intercourse just after the periods or d uring them.Since you had the Mirena removal, the hormones must have got imbalanced and hence delay in the cycles.The other factor for delay may include stress, anemia and hormone dysfunctions for example thyroid.I suggest you see a gynecologist and get you examined. If needed the doctor may perform a blood test to rule out pregnancy. Accordingly you will be treated to regularize the cycles.Hope this helpedRegards.