I am in a lot of pain. I really need help!

Patient: I am a 26 year old female 5`3″ 220 lbs. Allergic to kaflex, zithromax, tamiflu, augmentin and penicillin. Had a reaction to clindamycin and went to the ER two days ago. They gave me a shot of benadryl and a steroid shot and sent me home. I still have some swelling in my face and ears and it kind of hurts to swallow. I also m getting winded and short of breath from little things like going up stairs and picking up stuff off the floor. My main concern is the constant pain I have in my upper chest around my collar bone. It hurts worse when I breath deep, yawn, hiccup etc. Should I be so worried? Should I go back in?

Symptoms: Tight chest, winded, swelling