I am in laos in south East Asia travelling I

Patient: I am in laos in south East Asia travelling I had 4 rabbies injections after a rat scraped me I am awaiting my 5th tomorrow. The day after my 4th injection a dog jumped up on me I felt something bang against my leg but assumed it was his nose. When I looked at my leg that night I saw two tiny little scape like pin pricks. I’m afraid the dogs teeth nipped my skin. I assumed because I had 4th vaccine day before it happened I was ok also the dog was friendly and did not look sick, but now over ten days later I have sorish throat/ ear for last 3 days. Is it possible I have rabbies or am I protected? I’m very worried.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Noted the history of 4 Anti-rabies injections, has dog bite after the 4th injection.But 10 days later you developed sore throat and sore ear.Well, this is not due to the rabies.You are well protected.Consult a Doctor to get an appropriate treatment for the sore throat and ears.Do not worry, you will be fine.