I am little confused and i need clarification.

Patient: I am trying to conceive,had sex 2weeks ago during my ovulation.7days after the ovulation I spotted for a day. Took a pregnancy test within this time but it came out negative. Then 15 days after my ovulation I saw my period(regular menstrual flow). I am confused I thought the spotting I had a week before my period was implantation. If so then why are am I seeing my period?

Doctor: Hello,The spotting seen after a week of ovulation may have been a breakthrough bleeding and not an implantation bleed at all. It is not necessary that every time you have sex during fertile period that you may get pregnant, there are various stress factors like anxiety to conceive per se can have deleterious effects on the hormonal levels which can cause defect in implantation endometrium and hence the bleed.If now you have resumed your menses , it clears that you are not pregnant. However to further confirm, you may do a serum beta hcg test to look for raised levels of beta hcg in case of continued pregnancy.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health ,regards