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I am looking for a contraceptive pill that will assist

Patient: I am looking for a contraceptive pill that will assist with my acne problem but which has a relatively low amount of progesterone. I have tried Diane, Estelle, Yasmin and Zoely. Zoely was great, but didn’t help with acne. I think the progesterone in Diane and Estelle may be too high. Yasmin caused very severe PMS mood problems.



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Looks like you have seriously tried many pills but haven’t been helping you. In such a case you need to try other methods for acne management. Dermaabrasion, laser, etc are methods to reduce acne if not for the pills. Regarding contraception, we cannot suggest anything with much lower progesterone as the balance in the hormones in the ocp pills will get hampered and can lose the efficacy. You could talk to your doctor and discuss non steroidal pills like ormiloxifene which do not have progesterone as a suitable option for you.Hope this helpsRegards



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Patient: I don’t think ormiloxifene is available in Australia and my understanding is that only a combination of oestrogen and progesterone in contraceptive pills generally works for acne prevention. I have found various lists of contraceptive pills that have different types of progesterone but apparently some are stronger than others, and they all have different amounts of progesterone so I’m just not sure which ones might be worth trying next. I would like to keep trying contraceptive pills for a variety of reasons. Can you please tell me if there are any that might have a slightly lower amount of progesterone than Diane / Estelle that I could try? As noted above I know that I would need both oestrogen and progesterone in a contraceptive pill for it to be effective for acne, but I’m willing to try something that’s a bit in between (I.e. includes progesterone but has a lower amount than Diane / Estelle) or maybe one that has a different type of progesterone other than the ones in Estelle / Diane and Yasmin.

Doctor: Hello
The non steroidal contraception was suggested for contraception benefits as progesterone is not doing good to you, it does not help in acne. Unfortunately we do not have lower dose of contraception pills.
Hope this helps


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