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I am looking for someone to advise on the best

Patient: I am looking for someone to advise on the best supplements/Herbs/etc to help with strong erections. Not looking for Viagra/Cialas etc – but a cocktail like L-Arginine/Zinc/Vitamin D etc… I want to have a daily regimine that guarantees peak performance.



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,There are actually no supplements which guarantees peak performan ce during sex as a major element during sex is related to emotional well being however reproductive health in males can be taken care of with CAP Co-E forte once daily + cap BECOZINC once daily for at least 2 months and then a gap of one month. Importantly adequate hydration is the key to maintain performance on bed. You may opt for these supplements and see the results.Wishing you good health,Regards



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Patient: I figured that there were certain supplements that would help. Where would I obtain Co-E forte + cap BECOZINC? I am really looking to enhance my marital relations. I have a tendency to not be able to experience full erection when together – or I lose it quickly. I fear I suffer from performance anxiety – and I am looking for a magic bullet to help me. Please advise as much as you can.

Doctor: There is no magic bullet available which can treat it in a day or so. Performance anxiety can be controlled with low dose anti-depressants like tricyclics -imipramine 1/2 hr before sex for 2 weeks , but these have to be prescribed by your physician.

Patient: Where can I get Co-E forte + cap BECOZINC

Doctor: They can be procured from pharmacy as an otc mostly .

Patient: I’m sorry – but, I don’t feel that your answers warrant a 50 dollar charge. You have barely provided any information or recommendations. Your answers are short and unspecific. I am not happy with this interaction.

Doctor: The answers have been to the point and your concern requires a thorough examination by a urologist before determining any cause for your inadequate erections. But you have to understand that in absence of any cause the treatment for the same remains supportive and moreover this website can help you consider medications but we cannot prescribe the same to you. You need to seek a urologist consult for evaluation of your problem anyhow.

Patient: Most expensive “advice” I have ever received. Thanks for nothing.

Doctor: you are welcome…thanks


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