I am missing my periods

Patient: Doctor.. I am 31 years female and i had unprotected sex with my spouse on 2.2.2012 -6.2.2015.. My last period date was 2.1.15 and i usually gets my od in 28 days cycle or 30 days..my question is i supposed to get my periods this month by 3.2.2015 or 4.2.2015 but still i did not get my periods in this month..my question is Am i having possible to get pregnency ?

Symptoms: Missing my period this month

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.If you are sure that your cycles have been always regular, there is little chance of preg nancy since you have had the intercourse during the safe period which is far away from the ovulation time. Also, you may afford to wait a week for the cycles to resume, sometimes it may get delayed due to stress also.In the meantime, you can do a urine pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy. This will clear the doubts.Hope this helped.Regards