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Patient: I am nine weeks and four days pregnant. For the past two weeks, i have been cramping. I thought this was normal, due to my growing uterus, but then I started to see spotting. It only happen for one day & didn’t even last for a whole hour. I went to the emergency room, only to find that the baby is okay, but I have a large cyst on my left ovary. I was given medicine to treat an infection that the cyst may have caused. I thought everything was okay after that until, more recently, I’ve been seeing more blood with small clots. For the past two days, when I wake up, I vomit stomach acid & bleed while I vomit. This only happened once each of the two days & didn’t bleed anymore afterwards. I’m really concerned about what’s going on because my first pregnancy resulted in a missed miscarriage & these symptoms are all new to me. My blood is a bright red color with dark, dime sized clots. Could this be me slowly miscarrying?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Cramps with mild spotting can indicate a trend towards miscarriage. It is called as thr eatened abortion where the process of abortion has started and can lead to a complete miscarriage if no intervention is done. In your case, you seem to be passing clots with cramps, which is not a good sign. Kindly consult a gynecologist immediately for an examination and an ultrasound to check the viability of the pregnancy. Since you have had a previous miscarriage, you are at risk. Do not waste anymore time. In case the pregnancy is viable, the bleeding can be controlled by hCG injections and progesterone supplements.Do not do strenuous activities and take complete bed rest until you see the doctor.Hope this helped.Regards

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