I am not able to get weight after eating lots of food

Patient: I am suraj. I am eating daily about 1000 calories and good amount of protein too but i am not able to see any kind of changes to my body weight and size its is being similar from 3 years. is it some kind of digestion problem or what. please help me, i want to get weight

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Note your history that you want to gain weight, that you are eating about 100 calories a nd a good amount of proteins.But you are the same for the last 3 years without any noticeable changes.I would advise you the following along with the explanation.- First of all please let us know your height and weight.- What is your diet at the moment?- Is it that your face and the body look like someone in the family and they too are of the same physique as you are- This explains the genetic factors, wherein it will be the most difficult to gain weight if there is a genetic predisposition.- You have to consult a qualified Dietitian to know the exact requirement needed for you to gain weight as well as which foods you should use.- Guidance of a Physical trainer as to the exercises can add to the requirement for gaining weight and good physique too.I hope this answer helps you.