I am obese and suffering from swollen feet.

Patient: Good evening doctor. i am mouli 23 m . i am suffering with swollen feet from past few weeks. i was little obese. and from the past few weeks i was suffering with my urinary function. i was feeling little bit heat inside my body and the urine turns light yellow. i was totally feeling inconvenience while i was playing with my friends.

Symptoms: swollen feet

Doctor: Thanks for consulting us. Swollen could be the sign of compromise in renal function. Other conditions also can cause thi s like Hypothyroidism, Venous thrombosis, filariasis etc. Urinary tract infection if not treated properly and in some situations, my end up in renal failure, that can cause swelling of feet. Consult your doctor for prompt treatment of urinary infection and evaluation of edema of feet. Wish you speedy recovery.