I am on birth control and should have my period my now

Patient: I have been taking birth control for about a year now. When I stop taking the pill I get my period within 2-3 days. I took my last pill on Monday and today is Friday, I have yet to get my period, or have any symptoms indicating that I may be getting it. During the last pack of birth control, I did not miss a pill, but I did take one several hours late. I am worried that I am pregnant. I would like to go get a pregnancy test, but if I do, is it too early to get a legitimate reading?

Doctor: If you have not missed a single pill,the chances of failure with birth control pills is less than 1 in 100. Taking a pil l late or at variable times does not decrease its effectiveness as long as you are taking a pill daily. This however may not be true of certain progesterone only containing pills also called the mini pill which need to be taken at the same time daily for being effective.If you are late in getting your period or have missed the period you could take the home pregnancy test. It is fairly accurate when the test is taken on the day of the missed period or a day prior even.You must also know that some women altogether miss their periods or have only a slight spotting when on pills for a prolonged time. In that case you just need to take a pill free break for a week, do a pregnancy test and if negative just start the new pack.Hope you find this information reassuring. If you are still doubtful about the possibility of a pregnancy, consult a doctor or a clinic and get a blood based pregnancy test to be more sure of the results.