I am on birth control and still have 2 more

Patient: I am on birth control and still have 2 more weeks until I am on the “period pills” and I have not missed a pill this cycle I am very good about taking it on time. However, I have been having brown & red discharge for over a week and it is inferring with my everyday life and I would like to know some possible causes and what to do to make it stop! Help!

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for trusting ATD about your healthcare.This brown discharge can be due to hormonal imbalance, infec tion, PCOS, weight changes, anxiety, stress or can be a side effect of birth control pills. It is true that brown discharge should not be there if you are regularly taking birth control pills. However, sometimes pills can take longer duration to adjust to your body and can cause this type of brown discharge.So in my opinion you should wait for some time to resolve it. If it persists, then you should consult a Gynaecologist and get yourself examined and investigation done to rule out the cause.Hope it is useful, feel free to discuss more information.Good luck.Regards