I am on keppra, is it safe to take during

Patient: I am on keppra, is it safe to take during pregnancy

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Keppra contains levetiracetam which is an anti-epileptic dr ug.It belongs to category C drugs in pregnancy, means animal studies have demonstrated few adverse effects on fetus whereas sufficient human studies are lacking.So, better to take the opinion of your doctor while using the drug during pregnancy. If benefits overweigh the risks here according to your doctor, you can continue the drug.Regular antenatal checkups and ultrasound examinations especially ultrasound at 11 weeks, TIFFA (Targeted imaging for fetal anomalies) at around 20 weeks and quadruple test at around 18 weeks are required to monitor the wellbeing of the baby.Take care.