I am on petogen had my last period early february

Patient: I am on petogen..had my last period early february..was supposed to get an injection on 17th march but i could not..i went on the 20th..3days between i had unsafe sex..can i possibly be pregnant..how long does petogen take to clear up in my system is it exactly 2 months

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Petogen contains progesterone.The half-life of progesteron e injection is around 20 hours.The elimination time of drug is around five half lives period.In that case, it will take around 100 hours or around four days for complete elimination of drug from the system.But at lower levels the drug may not maintain same efficacy of preventing pregnancy.So, better to go for urine pregnancy test three weeks after last intercourse to find out the possibility of pregnancy.Hope this helps.Take care