I am on the Implanon, but can I be pregnant

Patient: I have had the Implanon for just over a year now, I have had no troubles with it at all. However the last 2 weeks I have been feeling bloated, craving all foods, smelling everything and almost gagging on certain smells and having incredibly sensitive nipples.I am sexually active with the same person and taken a pregnancy test, it has come up negative. but is there still a chance that I am pregnant?

Doctor: Implanon has almost a 99% success rate in protecting you from an unwanted pregnancy. You did the right thing by confirmi ng your fears with a pregnancy test. But now that even the pregnancy test is negative you need to calm down and not get stressed about a pregnancy. I hope you find this reassuring. If you still feel anxious about your symptoms, contact your local clinic or doctor for a check up and tests.