I am pergnant I had sex in the beginning of October.

Patient: I am pergnant I had sex in the beginning of october. I had my last period in october 26 then I had sex in the in the beginning of november. I got an untrasound done December 9 n they said I was about 6 weeks n 4 days. That was done at the womans care center. I had a couple after that and they keep saying that Im a couple days further but its not making sense. Now my due date is July 23 instead of July 30th.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query at ATD.I have gone through your history and understand your concerns.Usually one to tw o weeks difference is common in ultrasound report and calculation through LMP is different.If there is one week difference in ultrasound, it is quite common.It will not affect baby growth then two weeks difference is quite common.Hope found useful, feel free to ask more information.Good luck.Regards