I am posting a picture of a woman’s scalp The

Patient: I am posting a picture of a woman’s scalp. The person suffers from MS even though I don’t think that has anything to do with it. But they look like warts. I will be taking her to her own dermatologist but I’d like a quick answer if possible if this is anything to worry about. I just noticed them yesterday…not sure how long they have been there.

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Doctor: Hi,Thanks for your query, an elucidate history and the clear picture.Yes, they are classical of warts.The tre atment is to cauterize ( burn) by dithermy machine.No, nothing to worry about it as they are treatable.Her Dermatologist will give the curative treatment after the physical examination.I hope this answers your query.Please post more details about the condition and ask further follow ups.Regards,

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Patient: Ok thanks for clearing it up.

Patient: You can close this out.

Doctor: Thanks for your appreciation and most welcome