I am pregnant 16 weeks now and had bleeding in

Patient: I am pregnant 16 weeks now and had bleeding in 11 weeks and was admitted in hospital for threatened miscarriage. But my bleeding stopped next day and was discharged in 2 days.Dr said i had subchorionic hematoma of 8.6cm and doctors advised to tae rest. Later on i had brownish discharge and now its stopped. I saw doctor day before yesterday and she said now its safe and the hematoma is decreased to 4 cm and babys growing. I just had a concern we had sex today after a verg long time. I was worried if i hurt my baby because of this. Please help me in regard of this.i am really worried.Thanks

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query,If at 16 weeks of gestation , you have been diagnosed with a 8.3 cm subchorionic bleed , it indicated a retroplacental injury or separation of placenta or concealed early haemorrhage. Luckily the bleed had stopped and the hematoma shrieked to 4 cm , and the growth of foetus has resumed. Now it is very important that rest forms a major part of your treatment and intercourse per se which can produce uterine contractions can prove harmful and can cause resumption of the bleed and separation of placenta from uterus which can be fatal for the foetus.If there has been no bleeding post intercourse and you can perceive foetal movements , then things are still safe and you should avoid intercourse till delivery for the safety of the foetus. Repeat level 2 scan after 3 weeks will shed further light over the status of foetal well being and growth.BE CAUTIOUS IF YOU GET bleeding per vaginum.Review with your physician immediately then. ‘I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards