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I am Pregnant and due for C-Section in tomorrow early

Patient: I am Pregnant and due for C-Section in tomorrow early morning. My health is fine and i don’t have any medical issues. The only thing that bothers me is that i am into one injection daily of innohep 3,500 since 6 weeks pregnancy till now 38 week end. Actually, My Doctor prescribed it for me due to my last one time “Miscarriage” though i delivered 4 healthy children in the past and never had LMWH. Now i have an operation after 48 hrs and my Doctor advised me not to Inject innohep anymore. Is it going to harm my baby if i didn’t inject innohep for more than 36 hrs, I am very much worried to lose the baby, please advise. Also, please note the followings;- No History of coagulation in my family nor with me in the past.- My baby is healthy with perfect weight.- I never had coagulation in my legs nor anywhere else.- Detailed blood results taken in 8 weeks pregnancy were fine (Factor V Leiden Mutation – Not detected) + ( Proteins C, S & VIII are normal) (Lupus Anticoagulant results are normal), no signs of coagulation, and many other doctors advised that 90% i don’t have coagulation.Regards,



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query at is no need for you to worry about the baby. Heparin would h ave been given to prevent any miscarriage and continuation of the pregnancy smoothly. Also heparin has to be stopped at least 12 hours before any surgery hence the doctor has ideally asked you to stop it. If you do not stop it, you may end up with uncontrolled bleeding during surgery.Kindly do not be anxious. You will have a healthy baby very soon.Feel free to write back for further clarifications.Hope this helped.Good luckRegards



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Patient: Thank you, could you just advise me if stopping Innohep for more than 36 hrs is safe for my baby?

Doctor: Hello,
Thanks for the query.
We generally stop heparin at 36 weeks Of pregnancy.
Only in emergency situation it is stopped atleast 12 hours before the surgery. Do not worry it will not harm the baby.
Have a successful delivery.
Good luck


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