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I am pregnant but there was no heartbeat on the ultrasound

Patient: Ubject: No heartbeatI had took in home pregnancy test it was positive. So I took myself to er in they did blood work came back hour later to tell my results came back postive I need an ultrasound do to thr lower pain I was having… in to make sure everything ok. Well the ultrasound showed a sac but barely so she put an ? Their for the ob to see. Well my result came back I have to return in 48hours to redo my blood work in check my hcg level again. Ok the scary part is their wasnt s heart beat shown so she said it has to be 3things. …#1 it’s to early #2 a miscarriage or #3 I could be having an ectopic pregnancy.. my question is how soon does a heart beat shows



Symptoms: Stomach pains, dizzy spells, head aches



Doctor: Thank you for your query.Generally when a trans vaginal ultrasound scan is done a week to 10 days past the expected da te of menstrual cycle a gestational sac with fetus heart and fetal pole in the uterus confirms pregnancy. Sometimes of the periods are not too regular or in case of delayed ovulation in that cycle the fetal heart may not appear that early and in such cases the scan is repeated after 5-7 days later to check for the heart beat. Also the hormonal analysis for progesterone, estrogen and hCG levels are done to see if any supplementation is required to support pregnancy. If the gestational sac is present in the uterus then the chances of an ectopic pregnancy are rare unless implantation of two embryos have further place in the same cycle i.e. one inside the uterus & one elsewhere in the tube etc.Hope that answers your queries. Have a good day.

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