I am preparing for IUI I went in today for

Patient: I am preparing for IUI. I went in today for blood work to look at my lh level and a sonogram to see follicle size. I had a 19mm follicle and a 7mm endometrium but they said my lh level was not quite there yet so I am to use ovidrel tomorrow night to trigger ovulation for the IUI procedure on Wednesday morning. My husband and I had sex today so that his sample would be good to go for Wednesday and after having sex I noticed orangey tinged mucus when I used the bathroom and I took an ovulation test and it was negative (it was positive yesterday). I told my doctor I had taken one and it was positive and he said it’s not as reliable as the blood test. I am nervous I could have caused myself to ovulate and that that’s what the blood looking mucus was from and that’s why I now have a negative opk. Is that possible even though the doctors office said i wouldn’t be ready to ovulate until tomorrow? I am making myself nervous that I messed up my chances for IUI. Thank you for your help.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,In any case ultrasound monitoring of follicles is the best guide ascertaining follicle growth and ovulation. ovulation kits may give false negative. the fact that the kit showed a positive test a day prior, which indicates that the ovulation should occur in next 36 hrs but the ultrasound showed only a single follicle 19mm with ET 7mm which indicated that ovulation hadn’t occurred. The possible cause of vaginal spotting after sex could possibly be local cervical ectopy or erosions which can often bleed during sexual intercourse. You may discuss it with your physician and get a per speculum exam done to rule out the same.I think you should go by the physician’s orders and get the HCG trigger done and look for ovulation of this very follicle and then can go for the IUI procedure after 36 hrs of the trigger.I hope I have answered your query in detail,Wishing you luck,Regards