I am religious and have promised God, myself that i am not going to have sex. Now i am  worried about pregnancy.

Patient: I am religious and have promised God, myself, and my parents to wait until I was married to have sex. I am currently 17 and my boyfriend and I had hung out this past Friday night. It wasn’t supposed to happen and I am so shocked and disappointed in myself that I allowed it to get to the point of sex, but I lost my virginity. We did not use a condom but he pulled out before either of us got even close to the point of an orgasm. My period is currently 8 days away and I am so terrified that I will get pregnant. I have been looking up things online as well and I don’t think I’ve ever been so scared in my life. I’ve spoken to him about how i feel and I have told him it’s never going to happen again. He respects this. Please, am I going to get pregnant? How high is my chance? What can I do?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the queryFirstly, do not worry so much and there is nothing to be terrified. Things happen, but nex t time make sure you use a condom if at all you have sex.There is a slight chance of pregnancy with the pull-out method as well.You can do a urine pregnancy test after 3 days to check your pregnancy.If negative, wait calmly for the cycles. In case you miss the cycles, repeat the test and follow it up with the doctor accordingly. Calm down as stress can also delay the cycles.Hope this helped.Regards.