I am scared I might be pregnant… App says

Patient: Hi there doctor. I’m a teenage girl with a pretty usual period cycle, I use an app on my phone to track it. I do have a boyfriend but we have never had sex, no penetration whatsoever. However, we do grind against one another, sometimes naked. (This scare made me stick to abstinence in every way possible hehe.) He never came, but I do know about the pre-cum. I was supposed to have my period on December 2nd. It never came, but I did have a week of spotting. I have been feeling nauseous and gaining some weight. Since then, I have taken four pregnancy tests and they all came out negative. Could I be pregnant, or am I just crazy?

Symptoms: Nausea, cramps

Doctor: Hello,If your pregnancy test after a week of missed periods have been negative then for sure you are not pregnant. Al so, you experienced spotting for a week which is possibly your menses but scanty in flow. This scanty flow may be associated with stress-induced hormonal imbalances during the month and can be controlled with meditation and yoga to bring about regularity.I hope i have answered your query in detail, maintain a menstrual calendar for 3 months to understand the pattern,regards