I am severely constipated with impacted feces as well I

Patient: I am severely constipated with impacted feces as well. I am 24 female. I have been dealing with this for 3 days now and its not getting better. I have drank a ton of water and taken stool softener, laxatives, and fleet enema. The first day the fleet enema helped me get some out and then I had the urge and got more out later that day. Then day 2 I went in the morning but had to dig more out in the bath at night because I was in such bad pain I can’t push anymore out. Now is day 3 and there’s still more I’m trying to get out. But I just can’t push for the pain is too much. Should I continue to try to dig it out with my finger in another bath or seek emergency help at this point?

Symptoms: Severely constipated and impacted. Lots of pain so unable to pass even if I wanted to.

Doctor: Hi.Constipation not relieved by the routine at-home treatment you have taken like laxatives , plenty of water and f leet enema.This indicates further treatment under supervision.I would advise you in such a situation the following:X-ray of the abdomen to see exactly how much is the colon loaded with feces.If too much you need a conventional soap-water enema.it is necessary that all the colon gets load free for your at-home treatment to get alright.Hope this helps you.