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I am taking Femme Tab 30/150, have a question.

Patient: I am taking Femme Tab 30/150 but instead of starting on the red pills (sugar pills) on the first day of my period, I started taking the yellow (active) pills from the first day of my period. It has now been 3 weeks and hence I have taken all of the yellow pills and none of the red (sugar) pills. I have just recently realised my mistake and am wondering where to go from here? Also, have I been protected from pregnancy in the last three weeks?



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,You have taken the pills correctly unintentionally, so you need not worry at all. The yellow pills are the active pills and 21 in number. They have to be started from day 1 of your cycle, which you have done. The red pills are 7 in number and inactive pills which allow menses to start in a week after the active pills.So you may take the red pills from today and wait for your menses to start. You have been protected from pregnancy throughout these last 3 weeks, so please do not worry.Rest assure that you have made no mistake.I hope i have answered your query in detail,Wishing you good health,Regards



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Patient: The instructions for femme-tab 30/150 clearly state to start from the red pills on whichever day the period starts? My MAIN concern right now is that I have been taking the active pills for the past three weeks and my period has not stopped since, going on for three weeks now. On the instructions, it says the femme-tab usually decreases the length of the first period. When can I expect my period to stop as it is abnormally long?

Doctor: Hello,
I think you need to re-clarify again as placebo pills are never to be started with . I am quoting the extract from the leaflet and it clearly mentions placebo pills to be taken after the active pills end. For your convenience:-
“When and how to take the tablets
The Femme-Tab ED 30/150 pack contains 21 round yellow to brownish active tablets and 7 red-brown inactive tablets. On the pack each tablet is marked with the day of the week on which it is to be taken. Take your tablet at about the same time each day, with some water if necessary. Follow the direction of the arrows until all 28 tablets have been taken. A period (the withdrawal bleed) should begin during the 7 days of taking the red-brown inactive tablets. Start taking your next pack on the very next day after you have completed your last pack even if your period continues. This means that you will always start new packs on the same day of the week, and also that you will have your withdrawal bleed on or about the same day each month.”
So even if you are bleeding continue the placebo pills . The bleeding may increase indicating your start of menses in next few days. Start fresh pack once your placebo pills end.


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